Our Living City

Heritage is interwoven into the fabric of our city as a living part of Vancouver’s past and present. Our city is built on the connections between people, traditions, places, and spaces. We want to show you what is meaningful to our communities and explore the many forms that heritage can take.  

Through this series, we showcase a multitude of ways people relate to heritage and have strong connections and associations with place. Attraction to the aesthetics and craftsmanship of old buildings and character houses, the love for the history of heritage places, the experiences of different cultural practices and learning from oral traditions, the sense of familiarity with and community ties to a particular place, are all part of what heritage is.

We want to convey these different perspectives and different meanings through interviews, photo essays, videos, audio, reflections from a variety of Vancouverites, and short essays by guest writers. Our Living City is a way to expand our engagements with and showcase our community’s knowledge and stories, while celebrating Vancouver’s identity.