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What we do

Heritage Vancouver Society promotes an integrated view of heritage through public programming, commentary, and research. We apply this holistic view and promote its application in realizing engaged communities and a city that is layered thoughtfully with old, new, tangible and intangible qualities of place.

Why it’s important

Heritage extends to almost every part of our lives and is concerned with our sense of identity, our aesthetic, social, and cultural needs, and our needs for healthy human interaction and connection to nature. Heritage is essential to creating places and communities for people to have a life rooted in diverse values and experiences.

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  • Sustain and expand our public forums for people to discuss, debate and consider ideas to be an engaged citizen
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  • Give voice to diversity that contributes to our city’s cultural strength and increased well-being
  • Speak out for sustaining and bettering what differentiates our beloved places from any place

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