9. Domtar Salt Building (1931) [Saved]

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9. Domtar Salt Building (1931) [Saved]
Domtar Salt Building

With the pending redevelopment of Opsal Steel, the Domtar Salt building is likely to be the last remaining piece of industrial heritage in the southeast False Creek area.

This 1931 Class B heritage site still has its original single-glazed multi-pane windows and red wooden siding. There is a movement afoot to make this a ‘model sustainable building.’ Keeping heritage from the landfill is sustainable, but plans for the building could well involve replacing or concealing original cladding, windows and other features, and the addition of unsympathetic hardware such as solar generating devices.

As industrial heritage is this year’s Heritage Week theme, we plan to keep a close eye on this well-intentioned, but potentially misguided makeover.