4. Clark House (1888-1889)

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4. Clark House (1888-1889)
Clark House

The Clark House in Mount Pleasant, on 5th Avenue just east of Main street, is the oldest home in Vancouver.

In 1888, Mount Pleasant was established as the first Vancouver neighbourhood outside of the downtown core. As the assessment records and city directories compiled in 1888 indicate, at that time the Clark House was one of the only homes south of False Creek. It has changed remarkably little since it was built.

Unfortunately, it is not economically viable for the current owner to retain the building on its current site. The City is looking for options to retain the house and move it to a new site, and for a group to champion restoration of the building.


Update April 7, 2006: Clark House has been moved to a new location in the 300 block of West 10th Avenue, and restored.