6. Terminus Hotel (1886)

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6. Terminus Hotel (1886)
The burned out hulk of the Terminus Hotel (1886), propped up by a steel frame, on Water Street in Gastown.

Constructed on Water Street just after the Great Fire in 1886, the Terminus Hotel is a Gastown landmark and one of the oldest buildings in the city.

In March 1998, a tragic fire destroyed all but the brick, bay-windowed facade, which was propped up by a steel frame in the hope that the owners would be able to save the facade as part of a new building.

Three years have passed, and the burned-out hulk continues to deteriorate, its prospects weakened by low demand for upper floor uses in Gastown. If the situation does not change soon, pressure for the facade’s demolition will complete what fire left unfinished several years ago.

With the ‘Spaghetti Factory’ development going ahead across the street, perhaps there is still hope.


Update April 9, 2006: The remaining facade is currently being restored in conjunction with a new development.