Our Living City

Heritage is a living part of how we experience the present and this very much involves the close relationships people have with places in Vancouver. Our Living City is our attempt to capture and show what different people who make up our different communities value and what feelings, meanings and emotions the heritage that is important to them evokes in them.  

Through this series, we show the variety of ways people relate to heritage and deeply connect with places or other non physical forms of culture. An attraction to the aesthetics of old buildings, a love for local history, participation in varied cultural practices, learning from oral traditions, deep ties to a particular place, or experiences of distinct ways of life- all are different forms of heritage people identify with in their lives.

Our Living City will try to convey these different perspectives through interviews, photo essays, videos, audio, and short essays by guest writers in order to highlight heritage as a full range of human experiences that make up our city’s identity.