Introduction – 2006 Top10 Watch List

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2006 Top10 Watch List

Introduction – 2006 Top10 Watch List

This year marks publication of the sixth annual Heritage Vancouver Top Ten Endangered Sites. Since its inception, our Top10 list has been recognized as the authoritative overview of the city’s threatened heritage resources.

It is, sadly, always difficult to keep the list to ten: the explosive real-estate development market exerts constant pressure on our heritage stock. That designated heritage sites are on our list is cause for great concern, and we continue to be anxious about the state of the Heritage Register. The final choice of sites include those already in critical danger or likely to be so shortly.

Back this year in the No. 1 spot is the Burrard Bridge, threatened yet again by the new City Council’s decision to scrap the proposed lane-reallocation trial and proceed full-tilt with sidewalk outriggers.

Arthur Erickson’s Evergreen Building is not yet out of the woods and remains on the list. Back on the list from 2004 is Malkin Bowl, as TUTS continues to raise funds to replace it.

Predictably, a host of new sites are endangered, including Salsbury Gardens, the Vogue Theatre, and the iconic 2400 Motel on Kingsway.