3. Canterbury House (UBC) (1927) [Lost]

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3. Canterbury House (UBC) (1927) [Lost]
Canterbury House (1927)

One of Vancouver’s finest examples of the English Arts and Crafts movement.

This Voyseyesque design was built for the Anglican Theological College in 1927, two years after development of the UBC Point Grey campus.

The building’s landscaped, informal profile projects a sensibility very different from the massive Collegiate Gothic Iona Building commenced the same year (the latter perhaps better-known because of its granite facade and landmark tower).

The VST grounds contain a remarkable collection of architecture, both period and modern, but all or some are threatened by the School of Theology’s redevelopment plan.


Update August 7, 2006: The house has been demolished in the last few weeks by the Vancouver School of Theology (a school independent of UBC), for a condo development.