Who we are


Heritage Vancouver is an independent, member-based registered charity dedicated to “Creating a future for Vancouver’s heritage.”

We are not funded by the City of Vancouver and our Board of Directors is voted for by our membership. This allows us to speak out independently and strongly about heritage and heritage policy in Vancouver.

We’re also

  • largely volunteer based
  • a heritage award winning, recognized priority stakeholder in heritage issues in the city
  • active on heritage related commissions and planning committees in the city
  • a key contact for the media on heritage related news in Vancouver

What we do

  • Identify, monitor and inform on the threats facing our city’s heritage assets as early as possible before the wrecking ball starts swinging
  • Speak up credibly for heritage, conservation and retention of neighbourhood character by writing well considered position letters to the city and speaking at public hearings
  • Engage with the public to develop heritage awareness on a community level by creating and producing informative and affordable events and tours
  • Extend and advance heritage to beyond just the physical structures and include the social history, the people, the sociocultural values, and the communities
  • Advance the discussion of heritage to “Future Heritage” – what can go up today that respects the past and continues as heritage in the future
  • Act as a prime source of reliable and timely information for outreach with our website, e-bulletins and Top10 Watch list