9. Charles Dickens Elementary School (1912) [lost]

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9. Charles Dickens Elementary School (1912)	[lost]
Charles Dickens School (1912)

Yet another of Vancouver’s historic schools could bite the dust because the cost of seismic and other upgrades apparently cost more than a new school.

Similar to other early Vancouer schools, Dickens Elementary’s brick walls, pitched roof and decorative pilasters are emblematic of the history of our city and its neighbourhoods.

The possibility that the fate of Dickens could well set a precedent for the loss of these landmarks across the city raised bluntly the question of our commitment to heritage: do we value our public heritage buildings, and how much are we willing to invest to save them for future generations?

Over the years, some ornamentation has been removed, the roofline has been changed, as well as painting over different colours of grey stone banding alternating with red brick.


Updated October 29, 2008: Charles Dickens school has now been fully demolished (1912-2008). During the demoltion preparation, the stunning original stonework banding was revealed when the exterior red paint had been removed, until the wreckers ball completed its task.