Introduction – 2001 Top10 Watch List

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2001 Top10 Watch List

Introduction – 2001 Top10 Watch List

To mark its upcoming Tenth anniversary, Heritage Vancouver has released its first annual Top10 Endangered Sites.

The purpose of the list is to raise awareness of our threatened heritage by heightening media exposure and by providing a focus for our ongoing activities. Buildings in the Top Ten list have already been featured in articles in the Vancouver Sun and the Courier.

Because of demolition, redevelopment, or neglect threatens so much of our heritage, it was tough to limit the list to ten. Sites were selected on the basis of urgency, importance and their ability to generate public interest.

Each year, HV will feature a new list of endangered sites within the City of Vancouver, a look back at the year’s success stories, and a post mortem of endangered sites lost during the previous twelve months. We will also be consulting with heritage groups around the Lower Mainland to produce a regional Top Ten Endangered list.