Did you know?

Demolitions and neighbourhood character loss is an overriding concern.
• Over 1000 homes are demolished every year. In 2015, there was around 1141.
• There is one character home and seven trees demolished everyday in Vancouver.

Recent demolitions of key heritage sites include:
• Ridge Theater
• Pantages Theatre
• The Heritage Register “A-Listed” Legg House

Some of the most at risk sites threatened by demolition or inappropriate development include:
• the Burrard Building of St. Paul’s Hospital
• the Hollywood Theatre
• Commercial Drive
• Chinatown
• Whole residential neighbourhoods with character homes such as Dunbar and West Point Grey

In a recent questionnaire conducted by the City of Vancouver as part of the Heritage Action Plan:

  • 74% of people responded that they wish for the definition of heritage to be expanded to sites and areas with cultural and social value.
  • 90% of people stated that Heritage contributes to a residents’ sense of place
  • 94% of people responded that they place value on historic places and heritage buildings
  • 97% of people polled responded that heritage buildings needed to be preserved
  • 92% of people polled responded that they valued character buildings.